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Furry Kind by Human Nature takes its responsibility of being nature’s steward very seriously. We carefully deliberate on the impact of all our business decisions on the environment.


For example, all raw materials are thoroughly researched to ensure that they are naturally derived, are not processed using environmentally toxic processes and do not become toxic when released into the environment after the user has finished with the product.

Furry Kind

Furry Kind Products

Where furry tails come true..

SunShine Serum Sunshine Serum SunShine Serum

SunShine Serum with Sunflower Seed Oil, Soybean Oil, Orange Oil

Furry Kind Shampoo Furry Kind Shampoo

Cocomutt Shampoo in Tangerine Extract with Coconut Nectar

Furry Kind Shampoo

Our natural pet products are kind and gentle to pet paws and human hands, created using only organic, sustainably harvested natural ingredients, offering you a life-giving alternative to the harsh, toxic chemical shampoos currently available. No ingredient list is required for over-the-counter pet products, so no one knows what potentially harmful substances are in them!

Unconditional love is priceless—so give your faithful friend the very best:

Natural Seal Natural Seal Furry Kind by Human Nature

Doting pet parents that we are, we spend hours combing their coats, patiently untangling knots and brushing their fur ‘til they shine again… but we don’t always have the time, do we? Often days go by as the tangles pile up and we’re faced with a thick, matted, smelly bundle of unmanageable furry worry.


It's time to tame those tangles and keep your delightful furry friends bow-wow blooming with our 100% Natural SunShine Serum. Pamper them from head to tail with a pet-friendly infusion of sunflower, soybean and sweet orange oil that gently detangles, helps

deodorize, and soften fur, while adding shine to their cuddly coats for silky, sunshine-fresh fur.



Did you know?

Our pet serum is furry kind to both pet paws and human hands! No parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, or any toxic chemicals – just 100% natural furry goodness.


Your perfectly polished pooches will surely thank you with sweet kisses and tails all a-wagging!

Furry Kind introduces its

premium Cocomutt Shampoo

in Tangerine Treat, made with all-natural tangerine extract and coconut nectar from the sun-kissed islands of the Philippines.


Coconut nectar makes coats sleek and glossy, eliminating tangles, reducing hairballs and producing oh-so-touchable soft and silky fur. Plus it smells great—a boon for you and a blessing for your pet’s sensitive nose!



Did you know?

What harms us humans, harms our pets, too! Parabens, surfactants and synthetic fragrances all pose life-threatening risks to our furry friend’s health – just like you and me. Plus, we may not even realize it, but owners can be exposed to these harmful toxins just by washing their dogs with chemical shampoos! So in reality, what harms our pets, harms us humans too!

For a beautiful environment

We also use recyclable bottles for our packaging to minimize the impact on overburdened landfills.


We hope that you will find a sense of peace and purpose knowing that your everyday choices have a positive impact on our planet.

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